Introducing LDA e4

Latest product from LDA Technologies is an innovative device designed to incorporate any PCI Express FPGA board and employ it as the core of a full-fledged standalone networking solution.A cutting-edge product that transcends any server or designated FPGA switch by introducing:

16 1/10/25GbE ports and 32 1/10GbE ports: 48 ports total.

Innovative approach of converting the FPGA board PCI Express and other serial links into separate 10GbE ports thus increasing the number of available ports with no change on the board

Layer 1 replication with 25/50/100GbE and 10/40GbE patterns

Support for various CPUs and Operating Systems

All these features and much more are available to you with any PCIe-compliant card with any FPGA on it.


LDA Technologies has extensive knowledge and years of experience designing products for different industries


LDA Technologies is a team of leading engineers with over 20 years of experience in product design.
Starting 2010 we have been delivering FPGA-based products to our customers.

Released work

LDA Technologies released many custom and exclusive products that are currently deployed in the major US exchanges and throughout the world.

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