LDA NeoMux™

NeoMux™ is a solution created by LDA Technologies based on LDA e4™ platform. The solution features a new ultra-low latency muxing IP core that achieves unprecedented 42ns latency by leveraging Xilinx Ultrascale technology and LDA’s proprietary networking algorithms.

It is a streamlined product with uncomplicated management due to designated port assignments and distributions. Depending on the port density of particular models, it features 1, 2 or 4 Layer 1 replication source/mux output ports (“exchange” ports), and predefined replication target/mux input ports for connecting servers and other devices.

With the price starting at $16,000, LDA NeoMux™ comes in several configurations based on the number of ports and latency level. See the table below for details.

The LDA Neo™ products are coming in LDA e4™ device which means that all its perks and features are instantly available to the users. Check e4™ page for more information.

NeoMux™ Usage Scenarios

LDA NeoMux™ is an ultra low-latency mux with preassigned ports and straightforward configuration. The base version is a 1×14 + 1×9 mux configuration, which means it has maximum two replication sources/mux outputs (“exchange” ports), one of the outputs serving up to 14, and another up to 9 connected servers/inputs. Another option is 1×24, which means just one “exchange” port serving up to 24 connected servers.

Port Configuration #1

Three options are possible in this scenario:

  1. 1 x 14: one “exchange” port muxing 14 “server” nodes
  2. 1 x 9: one “exchange” port muxing 9 “server” nodes
  3. Both (a) and (b)

Port Configuration #2

1 x 24: one “exchange” port muxing 24 “server” node