LDA Technologies in partnership with Solarflare introduce LDA Lightspeed TCP™: an ultra light, ultra high-speed and ultra low-latency FPGA-based distributed TCP offload that overthrows currently available TOEs by allowing its users to:

  • Achieve unprecedented low processing latencies of under 20ns
  • Have thousands of TCP connections with only fractional FPGA utilization increase
  • Choose FPGA platform without limits across various technologies

LDA Lightspeed TCP™ is FPGA vendor/FPGA board agnostic IP Core which while running on multiple FPGA boards requires only one Onload™-enabled Solarflare network adapter to manage them and maintain TCP connections thus introducing a distributed solution to the list of available TCP Offload Engines.

LDA Lightspeed TCP™ includes both TCP Transmit and TCP Receive IP Cores which can be used independently.

LDA Lightspeed TCP™ Unique Features


LDA Lightspeed TCP™ framework consists of an LDA TCP Agent library running on a server with a Solarflare Onload™-enabled adapter and an FPGA-based offload IP cores. LDA TCP Agent library manages TCP sessions while LDA TCP Offload IP Cores leverage FPGA capabilities for ultra-fast packet delivery.

Only one TCP Agent is required to manage multiple LDA Lightspeed TCP™ IP Core instances running on multiple FPGA boards as well as maintain their TCP connections.

LDA TCP Offload comprises two independent IP cores: LDA TCP TX (Transmit core) and LDA TCP RX (Receive core). Both Transmit and Receive cores reach an ultra low-latency processing (TX adds only six clocks, RX only five) and have a very small logic footprint.


TCP Send


TCP Receive


Download Lightspeed TCP™ product brief.


This product contains technology proprietary to LDA Technologies, together with patented technology (US patents: 9003053, 9600429, 9258390, 9456060) from Solarflare